Friday, 24 January 2014

Bon Voyage

A lovely leaving card from Mim, seemed appropriate for this post.

Tomorrow is the BIG day - The adventure begins!! 

The last few days have been insanely hectic. I had a wonderful goodbye meal with Becky and the boys on Wednesday, had my last vaccinations Thursday morning and spent the afternoon frantically trying to clean flat 10 (so much mold). After packing up the rest of my belongings I spent a little while saying goodbye to the flat, it was emotional. But now I am home packing and getting excited about whats to come ...

At the pub for our goodbye meal - They do say attractive people are drawn to one another...

In the midst of this excitement I realised I haven't actually told you anything about my trip yet! If I am honest the plans are still a little sparse. Tomorrow i fly out to Santiago, I will be spending a couple of days there before flying down to Patagonia (Punta Arenas) to go trekking (oh god). After that I have literally no plans till the Inca Trail at the end of April and my flight back to the UK at the beginning of May. I will keep you updated on any new plans or adventure ideas as I go along.

I also wanted to tell you a little bit about my posts from now on. I am not sure how often I am going to be able to blog, but when I do I plan on including a little summary section so that you lazy people out there don't have to read all my ramblings. The titles I have thought of so far are as follows:

Places visited

Tantrums since last post

Minutes spent lost

Potential profile pictures obtained

Outfit of the day/week

Number of epiphany's

These will probably change dependent on my mood, but if you have any suggestions please let me know!!

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