Monday, 27 January 2014

Just like home

Amazing plane views on our flight to Atlanta, not enough to entertain us for 9 hours though...

We have arrived! It was one of the longest journeys ever (two nine hour flights and few hours in Atlanta airport) but we are FINALLY here in Santiago!!!

So far its been a very lazy few days, and as the title of this post suggests its sort of been a bit like being at home... Yesterday I managed to fit in about three, two hour naps (I had a lot of catching up to do due to my inability to sleep on planes), and for a bit of the afternoon we just lazed around listening to radio 4 in our hostel. This made me question why we even left the UK?

Our only venture out involved the quest for food, we ended up at a quite pricey little place recommend in the guide book called Sur Patigonico (we had to start the trip in style right...). The food was very nice, I had a deer steak with courgettes, goats cheese and some tasty red onion goo, and I washed this down with an obligatory pisco sour.  My travel photographer had some steak thing which also tasted pretty good.

First meal in South America - Starting as we mean to go on!

After lunch we went for a wander. This ended up involving a climb to the top of a little park in the city called Cerro Santa Lucia which had some pretty nice views.

Not a bad first day, and being the super cool person I am I was fast asleep by 7pm.

View of the city from Cerro Santa Lucia
Another view of the city from Cerro Santa Lucia

Day 2 has been little more active. This morning we went on an 'offbeat' tour of Santiago with 'Tours for Tips'. This basically involved a few markets and oddly the cemetery.. The tour was 'free' you give your guide a tip at the end and It was pretty good, though unfortunately the markets are all a bit quiet and empty on Mondays. I have done tours like this before of a few city's in Europe and they are always a good was of getting your bearing on the city. On the tour we met a lovely couple on a four month Honeymoon (what an amazing idea) from Clapham, we even discussed Infernos (I told you it was just like home).

A stroll down Londres Street

After the tour we decided to head back to one of the markets to eat some 'danger' food from one of the stalls and buy some stuff for dinner. My photographer had this amazing meaty soup which you an see in the photo below (I may have chickened out and eaten fried chicken and chips instead - you all know how classy I can be).

Lunch at the market 

Summary since last post

Location: Santiago

Hostel: Cas Altura boutique hostel- Definitely much nicer than most the places I have stayed, wooden spiral staircase, Amazing windows and a roof terrace.

Minutes spent lost: Only about 15 at the airport when we couldn't find the bus.

Tantrums: Surprisingly few, but I have been asleep most of the time.

Profile pictures:

Epiphany's: 1 on the plane while watching the Lion King this bit of the circle of life seemed like an apt travelling mantra:

"There's more to see than can ever be seen
More to do than can ever be done
There's far too much to take in here
More to find than can ever be found"

Oh Disney you are so wise!!!

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