Sunday, 12 January 2014

My Life In Boxes

Well actually bin bags is probably more accurate.. 

This weekend I started the process of moving out of our lovely little home! Thank God my parents are making two trips, five years in one place and I have accumulated a lot of crap!! 

They came down yesterday for the first load. Now half my stuff is gone and I am sat wrapped in a duvet on the floor amidst a pile of boxes feeling pretty sorry for myself. I'm not sure if this feeling is being exasperated by my slight hangover, or the fact its Sunday, but I am super sad about moving out!! 

My room, no more bed, still a lot of  boxes.

So here are my top 10 reasons I don't want to leave Flat 10:

1. Becky

2. Becky in this burger hat.

Need I say more?
3. Living in lovely, leafy West London - 'Brackenbury Village' as the estate agents call it, has treated us well.

4. Street parties - What can beat drinking Pimms from a bowl in the pouring rain, the velvet man, hanging out with Bill Bailey or having your face fully painted by a child high on sugar?

Jubilee street party

5. Our local - Great food, super friendly staff, a roaring fire and Scrabble.

6. Eccentric neighbors - From rambling letters about our noise complaint, to drunkenly asking to 'borrow' a bottle of wine, to the attempt at romance via funky pigeon; we have definitely had an interesting mix of people in close proximity to us. 

Can you think of a more appealing way to proposition someone?
7. Taking in strays - I'm not talking about the cat that 'followed' Becky home once, but all the lovely friends we have had to stay/live with us over the past 5 years. This flat has been a springboard for many London adventures, or just a place to stay in between.  

8. 'Playing house' - Living here has been a bit like Neverland, we have changed, but we have never had to grow up.

9. At times Its been emotional....

10. ...but we always made it feel like home!

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