Sunday, 19 January 2014

Tears and Tequila

Shot O'Clock
Its under a week now till the big adventure starts and last night I had some leaving drinks at Lost&Co in Putney, combined with a few January birthdays (big shout out to Jon and Hannah, and also Jo who sadly couldn't make it). 

I generally hate organising any sort of event so I was definitely a little stressed out and the evening got of to a bit of a rushed start due to a late push back at hockey. However, in the end I had an absolutely wonderful time getting to catch up with old friends and trying to say goodbye. I am so happy so many of you beautiful people managed to make it!!!

I had never been to Lost&Co before, but it was a very cool little bar with some tasty cocktails, my only regret is perhaps having a few too many... that combined with the inevitable rounds of shots meant I ended up having to make quite a swift exit (massive thanks to Becky, Ra and Mim for supporting me to the little black bus and beyond). It was probably for the best though as I am known to be tad emotional on occasion and I think too many goodbyes would have pushed me over a fragile edge. Once I start crying I often cant stop and I don't think anyone was in the mood for floods of tears. If I did run off without saying goodbye I am so sorry!

Unfortunately, despite my best intentions I only managed to take 2 photos all night, so I have managed to sneakily steal/borrow a few from Facebook/photo messages. I am super annoyed I didn't manage to get a photo with everyone who came along.

The Lovely Ladies 2's
The Chemistry Gang (check out Irv's blue steel), home friends and a giant cookie from Howes!!
Beautiful home girls

Steph, Angela and another group shot of some of the gang (check out my drunk eyes top left)

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