Thursday, 9 January 2014

The Countdown Begins

I meant to write this post on new years day, but like all new years resolutions my good intentions faded quickly in a blur of gin and champagne. Instead I spent the day eating Cadbury's chocolate fingers (I still have two packs to get through), drinking lots of tea and trying to stay awake till Sherlock.

So here it is, only nine days late my first post!

There aren't many days left now till I leave London and I definitely have mixed emotions about it. I feel woefully underprepared. My penchant for leaving things till the last minute is definitely filling the last couple of weeks of London life with far too much to do.

*My first top tip for all you travellers out there - Don't leave your vaccinations till the last minute, my arms are constantly sore!*

I am not looking forward to saying goodbye to Becky and our little flat (home for the last 5 years), or any of my friends here in London, but I cant wait to get the adventure started now!!

My Poundland 1D 'countdown' calendar was abandoned after attempting to eat the first chocolate.. and no I am not a huge 1D fan, Poundland had a limited slection.... Honest.

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