Friday, 31 January 2014

Type Two Fun

Meeting the locals

When I was discusing the next portion of our trip (one of the few pre-planned events of our adventure) with some of the girls I play hockey with back in London, I mentioned that I wasnt massively looking forward to it. One of the girls described it as "type two fun" which when she elaborated, fit perfectly. 

Type one fun being an event that is both fun at the time and fun looking back at afterwards.

Type two fun being something that is horrible at the time but fun to look back on.

Type three fun being something which is amazing at the time but you regret afterwards.  

So what is it that fits this description? Well for me its 9 days out trekking and camping in the wilderness of the Torres del Paine (yes even the name sounds painful). This starts tomorrow.... 

Punta Arenas

Yesterday we left the lovely warm city of Santiago and took an extremely bumpy flight to the very south of Chile, Punta Arenas, a place which literally felt like the very end of the world. In the space of the four hour flight the temperature outside dropped more than 10 degrees, Its cold (but at least I am finally getting some use out of all my jumpers and thermals I brought with me).

My cold weather gear - Sometimes I see photos of myself and just think "wow I am so damn attractive".....

From Punta Arenas we had another 3 hour bus ride to get to Peurto Natales, the place our trek starts from. I have never been somewhere with so many people dressed in extremly expensive, hardcore outdoor clothing.. its crazy! The town itself feels quite scrappy and rambling, with lots of colourful small buildings. But if you look under the surface there are lots of posh little restaurants and shops selling top of the range outdoor gear.

We are staying at an awesome little hostel called erratic rock (this is also the company we are trekking with). It is so warm and cosy inside, with amazing gas stoves and two hostel cats. The staff are super friendly (as soon as we said we were English they offered us a cup of tea) and the breakfast is one of the best I have had ever (they even had homemade peanut butter)!! The other guests have been really nice too, but they are making me feel massively underprepared. They are all so outdoorsy, and most of them are doing the trek without a guide... I am basically a massive wimp!!

For dinner we went to a place in town called AfriGonia, it was a little more expensive than we were expecting (yet another occasion i have felt under dressed...), but the food was brilliant. I had lamb in a port and apricot sauce accompanied by a glass of Carmenere, it was probably the best meal of the trip so far!

Dinner at AfriGonia - Amazing lamb in a port and apricot sauce.
Our amazing hostel, complete with cat and a video collection even Becky would be jealous of.

So I obviously wont be blogging in the wilderness, but as long as it all goes to plan I will speak to you all soon....

Oh and just in case you miss me, here is that video I promised of the dancing man in Santiago to cheer you up.


Location­­: Peurto Natales

Minutes spent lost:

Tantrums since last post: 0 I have been suprisingly good.

Outfit of the week: Nordic trekking cool

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