Sunday, 2 March 2014

A Dollar makes me Holler

Every city needs a sign you can jump on!

I'm sure the suspense has been killing you.. but as you can probably guess from the picture above we have spent the last few days in Montevideo, Uruguay. We decided on this little ferry trip across from Buenos Aries for two reasons; a token country resulting in an extra stamp in the passport and our need for a few more dollars which are incredibly useful in Argentina, but impossible to get hold of.

Although we hadn't heard anything too exciting about Uruguay from fellow travelers, I really enjoyed our little jaunt across the water. Montevideo is a very manageable capital city, with all the important sites within walking distance and beaches just a bus or bike ride away. While I wouldn't suggest it if you are looking to be incredibly busy, or pack in lots of sites, its definitely a nice place for a relaxing few days. 

Street art in Montevideo
Artigas statue, Plaza Indepencia

As we arrived late the night before by ferry from Buenos Aries we had an incredibly chilled out first day, mostly spent in wonder at the speed of the internet or in bed. We did manage to wander the town taking lots of pictures of the buildings, visit the Artigas memorial and explore a small museum. That evening we sampled a local specialty 'The Chivito', basically an epic steak sandwich (with eggs, bacon, cheese, tomato, onions, olives and lettuce). As an extra treat the place we ate at appeared to be having a big party for some older locals, with what I assume was a covers band and lots of dancing. I even manged to get The Photographer to get involved for one dance before embarrassment kicked in. 

Beachy bike ride
Grilled pork at Estancia del Puerto

The next day we ventured to the big touristy market by the port for some lunch at one of the many grill restaurants (Estancia del Puerto - apparently Anthony Bourdain ate there once). We strayed from tradition and went for pork based foods which were delicious and a very nice change from beef. That afternoon we borrowed bikes from our hostel and headed out along the Rambla (seafront) out of the main city centre towards the beaches. This bike ride was much closer to my imagination than our Bariloche adventure, flat and sunny, with the added bonus of a white sandy mid point break. The beaches alongside the city were all very nice, I just wish we had spent longer at one (and maybe less time on the bike).

Mini cakes- availible at the many bakeries of Montevideo.

Beautiful building in the old town, Montevideo
Our lovely hostel - Caballo Loco
To finish our token trip to Uruguay we spent our last day in Colonia del Sacremento, a city with a beautiful cobbled old town and also the location  to catch our ferry back to Buenos Aires. This was a lovely day trip as the whole town was incredibly pretty and had a great atmosphere. The cobbled streets were filled with cute cafes and the rows of trees dappled the bright sunlight. We spent most of our time taking pictures and just strolling around the old town (stopping every couple of hours for more food/drink/ice cream). That evening we caught the ferry back to the hustle and bustle of Buenos Aries ready for an action packed few days.   

Posing in Colonia del Sacremento


Location: Uruguay, Montevideo and Colonia del Sacremento

Highlights: Chivitos, Relaxing in Cafes, Stamps in the passport and the Beaches

Hostel: Caballo Loco, very comfortable (a place you can relax in), good breakfast, amazing WiFi and very helpful staff.

Profile pictures: Yes after lots of posing like an idiot in front of walls, and rocking out a yoga pose by the sea.

Naps: an amazing 3 hour nap on our first day.

Epiphany's: 0, even the yoga didn't help!!!


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