Tuesday, 17 June 2014

A few photos from Manila

As The Photographers visa was expiring shortly it was time to leave the country.!! We left Cebu and headed to Manila for couple of days at my Tita's (Aunts) visiting my family. I finally got to meet my little goddaughter, had a lovely meal with my cousins and aunts, and managed to catch up with my very good old friend Anya. This isn't going to be a proper blog post, but here are a few photos from our brief but lovely stay.

Deserts from the Yakimix buffet, including a candy bar

My Tita Jean, baby Bryce and Me

The Photographer, Rose, Brent and Me 

The whole gang

Selfie time with my Goddaughter Ella (its a bit blurry as she was the one pressing the button)

The Photographer Anna and I

The Photographer, Marianne, Ella and Me

The Photographer, Anya and I

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