Sunday, 1 June 2014

Our last few days in Peru

After our Inca Trail adventures we only had a few days left in Peru and South America, so despite my intense urge to just sleep for 5 days The Photographer and I set out seeing as much as possible... 

The beautiful city of Cusco

Beautiful locals in Ollantaytambo

San Pedro Market Cusco, bottom left our hands on but super tasty roasted pork and tamale (corn pudding) breakfast

Red bag on a stick, means the chicha is in the house and ready to drink

With our last couple if days in Cusco we went on a quite disappointing free city tour, visited the amazing San Pedro market for a very meat heavy breakfast and then decided to attempt our own little tour of the Sacred Valley. We hopped on local combi buses and visited Ollantaytambo and Moray on our first day and Pisac on our second. We were accompained on our tours by a trusty book called 'Cusco and The Sacred Valley of the Incas' which we picked up in Ollantaytambo and had pretty much all the information we needed to take ourselves around the sights. 

Terraces at Moray

A woman on the streets of Ollantaytambo

At the ruins of Ollantaytambo (points if you can spot the carved face in the mountains behind me)

If time had permitted I would have loved to stay in Ollantaytambo, the town was very cute with small streets and lots of houses selling chica, along with all theregular  tourist markets and restuarants. Moray was a particular highlight, a bit more difficult to get to, and not on all the tour schedules I would definitely reccomend it. Although there is definitely not as much to say about the place historically, the circular terraces are beautiful and the drive up to them is stunning. Pisac is also worth a visit the Incan ruins here are huge, up and away from the main town and spread over the mountain top (I was a bit ruined -see what I did there- by this point so didn't explore too much). However, the much raved about market mostly sells the same tourist tat as elsewhere in Peru and Bolivia, and you do have to search for the few gems that remain! 

Ollantaytambo from above can you see the llama shape of the terraces? 

Walking round the ruins at Ollantaytambo

Terraces and ruins of Pisac

After all our self guided tours our time in Cusco was up and we boarded a plane to Lima to spend our last two days in the capital (which we had passed through twice, but not yet seen in daylight). 

Beef heart Skewers and chocolo corn

In Lima we were staying at the very comfortable and friendly Family House Hostel in Miraflores. This part of town is the posh bit, and it barely feels like the rest of Peru, with a beachfront promenade, posh bars, shops and Restuarants you feel you have landed somewhere in the US. It was a very comfortable place to spend our last two days. As Lima is very much on the culanary trail we decided to spend most of our time here eating! We visited Punta Azul for ceviche on our first day, La Mar twice for ceviche and other fishy delights and also the famous Grimanesa Vargas for her delicious beef heart skewers. Apart from this we filled our days walking along the beach front watching the paragliders or hanging out with the other lovely hostel guests. (I am ashamed to say our only excursion into the centre of Lima was brief, we were a bit weary of colonial architecture and central Lima is definitely not the prettiest city we had been to) 

A sunset ride

Selfie by the sea (look at the beard)

As the time approached to leave Peru and the South American portion of our trip I was very sad... But i kept my chin up as I knew there was still much more to come!!!

The pretty parks of Miraflores

Trio of Ceviche at La Mar

Our waiter at La Mar (he recognised us on our second visit and made us pose for photos - Awkward...)

Location: Cusco, The Sacred Valley and Lima.

Highlights: Moray and the drive to it, Ollantaytambo and all the food in Lima.

Top tips: Do The Sacred Valley yourself if you have time, buy the book and enjoy the towns and sites. Visit La Mar, a bit pricey on the backpcker budget but worth every penny!!!

Minutes spent lost: A couple looking for a combi to Pisac

Profile pictures: Maybe one or two...

Epiphany's: 0 

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