Sunday, 1 June 2014

Stopping over

Our flights home to London was unfortunately not as direct as I would have liked, involving two overnight flights and a 12 hour stopover in Atlanta... Despite our original to just sleep in the airport, we saw the light and decided to venture out to see what Atlanta had to offer in 12 hours. 

In front of the Coca Cola area of the tasting room

Memorabilia galore 

It seems there are two main attractions in Atlanta, their aquarium and the world of Coca Cola. Obviously being the classy people we are we decided to visit the latter and it was amazing. Despite the sometimes vomit inducing cheesiness (including the 4D film where you discover the secret ingredient of coke is 'you') it was a pretty fun day out! The main highlights included the Coca Cola polar bear, and our attempts to sample all 64(ish) drinks in the tasting room (which left The photographer in a pretty bad sugar induced state). 

Coca Cola at Christmas - Famous advertising campaigns

Screaming for  Coke!!!

The Polar Bear (wearing my Indiana Jones hat)

After our very American adventure we caught the MARTA train three stops to a little diner called Busy Bees for some fried chicken an ribs which was amazing! There was even a Walmart nearby which entertained me till we had to head back to the airport for the final leg of our journey. 

Proper southern diner food at Busy Bees (The Photographer wasn't a fan of this photo - look at the beard!!!)


Location: Atlanta

Highlights: Fried chicken and coke

Top tips: Dont attempt to drink all the soft drinks in the tasting room, you will vomit, or at lest feel like it!

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